Painting Conservation

Fee Schedule for Fine Art Conservation & Consulting

On site inspection, examination, consultation, research, report preparation and travel time: $75 per hour $150 minimum

Painting conservation service, multiply the perimeter of the painting in inches by the service price per inch to determine approximate cost. An estimated percentage is added to paintings with extended damage and resistant coatings. $100 minimum.

Sample estimate for a 30” x 25” oil painting:30+25+30+25 (perimeter) = 110 inches

Service Price per Inch Approximate Cost

Cleaning $3 to $6                        sample est. $330 to $660

Structural Work $4 to $9             sample est. $440 to $990

Lining $10 to $13                         sample est.  $1100 to $1430

Relining $14 to $20                      sample est. $1540 to $2200

Cleaning includes dirt and old varnish removal, minor retouches, and varnish.

Lining and Relining include cleaning.


Art Appraisal Cost

Standard insurance appraisal, $150 base cost, $25 per painting